Service & Maintenance

Need an oil change or fluid flush?  Need a logbook service?  Timing belt looks worn out?  Got burnt out light bulbs?  We can help you with your regular servicing needs.


If you have a shaky or squealing ride – it could be that your suspension needs attention.  We will check and see if you need bushings, lubrication, shoes and other components to get your smooth ride back.

Tyres & Brakes

To keep your ride optimal and safe, you need roadworthy tyres and brakes.  If your current tyres are running bald or if you are upgrading new wheels and tyres, we can help install your new rubber.

For all servicing and repairs, let our honest and reliable technicians give you a quote on the job at hand.  Call us at 0419840030 for an inspection and quote today.


The transmission (or gearbox) is the heart of your engine.  If you are experiencing rough gear shifts or abnormally high fuel consumption then your transmission may need checking.


Engine & Components

The engine has many components that needs checking if your ride isn’t running smoothly or starting up easily.  Let us check and make sure that your engine is running optimally and has no oil leaks or cracked belts.

Electrical & Battery

When your car doesn’t turn on or has trouble starting, then the electrical system may need servicing.  We can check if your alternator needs replacement or if it’s another component that has broke down.

NEW! Mobile Service

As an added convenience, we are now offering mobile service to your place of work or home.  We can carry out most service and minor repairs.  For inquiries or if you want to make a booking please call 0419840030 or contact us.